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What Is A Professional Builders Cleaning ?

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When you’re completing renovations, or selling a property after construction you need to ensure that it’s in the best possible condition before you let any prospective buyers take a look. If you’re just completing renovations to increase the value of your home then it’s assumed you want it to look flawless as soon as physically possible.

Many people will attempt to clean up all the remnants of construction waste themselves, which can be right option in certain circumstances, but the alternative is to hire a professional cleaning company. Many cleaning businesses now offer a specialised builders clean-up services that will take care of the entire job for you.

When You Should Hire A Cleaning Company ?

You can even hire a cleaning company on a weekly basis whilst you’re renovating to ensure that you’re working in a clean environment and provide you the motivation you need to continue the work.

In the eyes of the majority hiring a professional for a builders clean-up is an essential part of renting, leasing or selling!

Despite the fact that you hire a professional to complete an overall clean up of all the dust, debris and clutter, they will also have a particular list of areas to focus on. With every cleaning business there will be a specific approach taken when dealing with builder cleans, which is why you should discuss their plans before they begin work on your property. It’s important to have a general understanding and consensus regarding their checklist.

Few Basic Task From A Cleaning Company


Bathroom Walls, Toilets and Floors


Getting Rid of Rubbish Or Debris


High Pressure Cleaning (External Areas)

  • Cement Spots Cleaning & Any Other Spots

Mopping of Entire Floor Space


All Walls Dusted and Cleaned of All Dust


Cleaning Any Accidental Paint Markings


Cleaning of All Skirting Boards, Door Frames, Fixtures etc

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