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When you look for expert carpet cleaning in Windsor, VPC London is the name to trust. From removing a stubborn stain to deodorizing your carpet, we have got you covered. Your carpet is a major investment whether it is in your home or office and when you have guests coming to your home or customers to your office, we recognise the importance of making a first good impression that lasts longer. So do not let the dust and particles from building up, or just simple wear-and-tear overshadowing your carpet from looking as beautiful when the day you bought it.

Carpet CleaningCarpet Cleaner

Moreover, with a simple carpet cleaning Windsor UK, you can increase your carpet’s life. The important thing to do is to keep your carpet protected from the particles of dust and dirt accumulating and degrading the appeal of it. If you are unable to do that, they can act abrasively on your carpet’s fibres and cause it to get discoloured. Some cleaning techniques leave behind residual chemicals that can make them dirty again quickly. VPC London innovative cleaning technique, combined with the powerful cleaning tools, ensures that every particle of dirt and bacteria are removed from your carpet, keeping your carpets fresh, smooth and bright.

Our StandardsWe Keep It Professional

To provide professional carpet cleaning services, we always utilise cutting-edge equipment and techniques. If you are searching for dependable and professional carpet cleaners, then we are here, ready to help you. Our carpet cleaners are trained to use non-toxic cleaning products so your children and pets can stay safe. When you have any special requirements, please discuss with us so we can understand and deliver you a 100% end result. Moreover, the Environmental Protection Agency warns that a dirty carpet retains hidden pollutants that you may not know about. It is very important to understand the importance of carpet cleaning because it could be very dangerous for your kids, especially if you have pets at the home. We would recommend you must need to have clean your carpet by professional in every six months or maximum after 12 months.

Stain removal

Experience in cleaning can make a big difference in terms of stains. Our cleaners have dealt with thousands, so no matter how stubborn the stain is, we will go an extra mile to deal with it efficiently. Our customers inform us that they are satisfied with the job we perform when cleaning the stains.


Dust mite removal

VPC London knows your desire to provide the safest and healthiest environment for your family. Different allergies like hayfever and asthma can make life uncomfortable and in some instances, nearly unbearable. So we provide a professional  for dust removal, keeping your property clean and hygienic for your family and pets.

Water staining

Accidents can happen and cause leaking. So if faced with water damage or other liquid spillages, our trained cleaners can advise you on the most effective solutions.

Deodorising and odour removal

VPC London is a specialist when it comes to the elimination of carpet contaminants that can cause unpleasant, bad odours in your home or office. We all realise, even the most loved pets can cause marks and smells. So mostly UK households now are pet owners, and our fast and secure cleaning and sanitisation techniques can assist neutralise these and restore fragrance and freshness to your carpets and furniture.

Our Guarantees

No hidden charges on your quote
We never charge extra for spots in your carpet
10% discount for regular customers
Kid and pet-friendly

Importance Of Carpet CleaningThe importance of carpet cleaning services

When you schedule the carpet cleaning Windsor on a regular basis, then our complete steam clean can save you from replacing your carpet. When you have just installed the carpet, you immediately recognise the costs in doing so. However, even when you not have done this, you understand the benefits of keeping your carpet clean. It increases the value of the house if it is well maintained.

Regular carpet cleaning is important to get rid of these allergens and also to prevent different organisms, which include carpet beetles and carpet bugs dwelling for your carpet. About 80% of soils that enter an office or residence are dry. Rest 20% are oils, greases and starches. The dry soils are easily removed with vacuuming. And as long as they are removed regularly, it’s going to assist in minimising the damage.

When the carpet cleaning services for office is scheduled regularly, it can save your money. That is due to the fact ongoing maintenance and removal of the hidden dust and filth embedded in carpet fibre can save you premature wear and permanent staining.

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VPC London aims to provide competitive carpet cleaning prices for an unbeatable service in slough, delivered at your convenience

  • Pre Vacuum Your Carpets
  • Use only the finest quality cleaning solutions
  • Most technologically advanced Cleaning processes
  • Best eco-friendly cleaning solutions
  • Highest professional services
  • Move Basic Furniture.
  • Always leave your carpets soft, clean and fresh
  • Prompt and reliable service for home and office

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